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Explore Talent com is the number one talent resource for actors and models. It is a large talent community visited by agents, managers, casting directors and entertainment insiders.

When becoming a member of Explore Talent an artist will instantly be able to post their headshot and resume to thousands of auditions nation wide. Also as a member you will be provided with over twenty five thousand links to agents, studios, photographers, casting directors as well as instruction and advice on the world of entertainment.

By joining Explore Talent, artists will be able to send headshots to hundreds of auditions instantly, everyday. This means no more stamps. No more packages and no more calling around, running up your phone bill, chasing audition times. Explore Talent will do that work for you. We will keep track of your auditions, as well as e-mail, phone and Txt message you when an audition opens up. Think of Explore Talent as an on-line casting agency, helping you get as much exposure as possible.

Explore Talent has more than just audition info. You can get news and insight on the world of acting and modeling. You can have your own domain name and web page, which you will be able to customize and add your resume and photos. We also have a personnel counter which keeps track of your auditions, how many you have went on, and charts your success as well as who and what you auditioned for.

Explore Talent and its Talent search section, is being reviewed on a daily basis by casting directors, modeling agents, talent agents and advertising agencies. No other website will give you this much exposure to so many decision makers in the entertainment industry. If you are serious about acting, and ready to be seen, Explore Talent can help.
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