Discover The Popular Pop Songs For 2017

When you are sitting down to listen to music, you will often find the songs on the radio tend to repeat. That is because these songs are the ones that have been deemed as being popular by the people who are being surveyed, but also the number of requests the station is getting to play these songs. The problem that comes up with some of the songs that were popular in January may end up forgotten by December. So what were the popular songs for the entire year and how is this determined? Well, the companies use multiple methods, but for 2017 we know that their are several songs that were very popular and those are going to be covered here.

Shape of You is a song by Ed Sheeran this is a song that really took the music world by storm. The song was known mainly for the suggestive lyrics, but also for the great beat to the song. All of these combined has made this song one that should be able to continue to have a popular feel to it even into 2018. Not to mention, the music video for this song is great inspiration if you are a person who goes to the gym.

Bad Liar was a song from Selena Gomez and it is one of those songs that really started to take hold on what people were feeling and doing. What is really bad is this song is often compared to a reflection of her relationship she has had with Justin Bieber. So this song is a great one for anyone who has been in the relationship follies of when someone is a liar and how the song reflects on just how bad of a liar the people are when they are coming up with the lies they are telling to the person they supposedly love.

Thunder is from Imagine Dragons and it really struck a chord with a lot of people. Imagine Dragons is a wildly popular band and it is a group that has continued to see an improvement in the popularity they are having. So this is definitely a song that everyone is going to have a love hate relationship with. In the fact that they will either love this great song or they will hate it. For most people, though, they tend to have a love relationship with this song and the ideals it presents.

Being able to find the popular songs for 2017 is a good thing. However, when you are starting to look at the pop songs for the year 2017 you will notice that the year was a huge success for the music industry. The industry seen quite a few great songs come out of the year and some of them were by artist that are wildly popular, but others are done by artist who are making a strong comeback from careers that have seen some hiccups happen along the way, but not have them completely derailed.