Where Can Adults Learn The Piano In 2018? A Quick Guide

It’s a fact, you are never too old to learn the piano. And once you learn it, you’ll always be thankful for this precious skill.


Because there is nothing quite like playing those keys to the tune of a beautiful melody. And if you wondering where adults can learn the piano in 2018, here is a quick guide to get you on your way.

Look For A Music Teacher

Even though we live in a modern world, you can never rule out the effectiveness of using a music teacher. Plus, they don’t discriminate against your age.

The difference between using a teacher and simply watching a video online is the interactive part. The teacher can give you real-time feedback on what you need to be doing and how to master your technique.

The downside is that you have to take lessons according to a specific schedule, which can get a little inconvenient. Also, consider that music teachers can get a little expensive depending on their experience. Keep in mind, there are online piano lessons that are interactive which seem to be quite popular.

YouTube Videos

There are many people on YouTube who love sharing their skills and teaching others, even when it comes to things like playing the piano.

In other words, you simply do a search for piano lessons on YouTube, and hopefully, you find a person with a channel you can steadily follow.

The great things about learning piano this way is that you can really take your time and practice at your convenience. You also don’t need to pay the person who made the video, which is very nice if you don’t really have a budget.

Blogs And Websites

As fun as it might be to learn from YouTube videos, you might want to take it step further. Maybe you want a site that addresses music theory more intently or explains it in a way you can easily understand.

The great news is that there are hundreds of sites and blogs with more than enough info and advice on learning the piano in 2018. Whether they are going to charge you for these lessons and advice is going to vary from site to site.

Take An Online Course

Platforms like Udemy has gained a lot of popularity, mainly due to the extensive number of courses they make available. And the courses are compiled by people with skills and something to share.

The idea is to look for online courses if you really want to be professional about learning the piano. And once again, some of them are going to cost you while others will be free.

Utilize All Your Channels

Adults wanting to learn the piano in 2018 shouldn’t limit themselves to one channel. For example, if you are using a music teacher it doesn’t mean you can hop onto YouTube and learn a little extra.

In fact, use as many channels as possible because this will increase the speed with which you’ll learn. More importantly, have fun every step of the way.