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We are still working to improve the database on months. Please send corrections via the contact page: Contact. Also check with Mary at: Maybe next month I will have time to improve Blues Festivals Calendar.

Blues Festivals Calendar

Assar Bluesdagen Bovensmilde Netherlands reviews January
Freedom Blues Festival Tallahassee Florida reviews January
George's Springin' the Blues Festival Jacksonville Beach Florida reviews January
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise Tampa Florida reviews January
Rogue Valley Blues Festival Ashland Oregon reviews January
Royal Scandinavian Inn Blues Festival annual Solvang California reviews January
Thredbo Blues Festival Thredbo Alpine Village Australia reviews January
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Connecticut Blues Festivals and Blues Music
Blues Festival Directories
Blues Festivals Calendar

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Blues Music

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In jazz and blues, blue notes are notes sung or played at a lower pitch than those of the major scale for expressive purposes. Typically the alteration is a semitone or less, but this varies among performers. Country blues, in particular, features wide variations from the tonic but still with the blue-note feeling. The blue notes are usually said to be flattened third, flattened fifth, and flattened seventh scale degrees, although they approximate pitches found in African work songs. These blue notes are what turns a major scale into the blues scale. The same transformation of notes transforms the minor scale into the minor blues scale, as heard in songs such as "Why Don't You Do Right?". The blues scale is used in almost all twelve-bar and eight-bar blues, but it is also used in blues ballads and in conventional popular songs with a "blue" feeling, such as Harold Arlen's "Stormy Weather".In its earliest manifestations, the flattened third, or mediant, and flattened seventh, or subtonic, were the main blue notes. wiki Blue note
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Blues Festivals Calendar

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Greek philosophers and Ancient Indians defined music as tones ordered horizontally as melodies, and vertically as harmonies. Music theory, within this realm, is studied with the presupposition that music is orderly and often pleasant to hear. However, in the 20th century, composers challenged the notion that music had to be pleasant by creating music that explored harsher, darker timbres. The existence of some modern-day music genres such as death metal and grindcore, which enjoy an extensive underground following, indicate that even the harshest sounds can be considered music if the listener is so inclined. Beverages Broker and Passages Malibu Scam sponsor Kansas City blues is a genre of blues music. It has spawned the Kansas Blues & Jazz festival and the Kansas Blues Society. Kansas City has many blues and jazz fans. The careers of Count Basie and Charlie Parker began in Kansas City. Local Clubs in Kansas City feature many noteworthy Kansas City Bands. On the corner of 39th and Jackson in Kansas City, Missouri, lies an old night club balled The Blues Alley. This club serves as one of the homes and starts of various jazz legends. Addiction Mind
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Chicago blues acts are common. Also, in keeping with the Blues' influence on other musical genres, there are some Soul, Jazz blues and Blues-rock acts. Since those early beginnings the festival has risen to a status that the City of Chicago bills as the world's largest free concert of its kind. The Blues Festival is the largest of the city's music festivals. Solutions Addiction

a is for Amals Blues Fest Sweden b is for Bangkok Blues Festival Thailand c is for Cognac Blues Passions France e is for East Coast Blues & Roots Festival Australia f is for Festival Internacional de Blues Guadalajara Mexico Frankston International Guitar Festival Australia g is for Gaildorf Bluesfestival Germany h is for Herning Blues/Rock Denmark i is for Internationale Bluesdage Odense Denmark j is for Jamaica Rock 'n Blues Jam Jamaica k is for Kwadendamme Bluesfestival Netherlands l is for Lucerne Blues Festival Switzerland m is for music Meensel Blues Belgium Moulin Blues Ospel Netherlands n is for Nidaros Blues Festival Norway Northern Lights Festival Boreal Canada Notodden Blues Festival Norway o is for Olsztynskie Noce Bluesowe Poland p is for Porretta Soul Festival Italy q is for Quebec City Summer Festival Canada r is for Reykjavik Blues Festival Iceland s is for Stanley Blues Festival United Kingdom t is for Telstra Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival Australia v is for Vache de Blues Festival France w is for Winter Meltdown Blues Festival Canada x is for World wide blues festivals from blues fest. y is for Blues festivals all over. z is for International Blues all is for blues Festivals

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Long Beach Blues Festival

The Long Beach Blues Festival, in Long Beach, California, is one of the largest and 2nd oldest Blues festivals on the West Coast (1st being the San Francisco Blues Festival). It is held on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. For many years it was held on the athletic field on the California State University, Long Beach campus. The 2008 festival, the 29th annual, will be held at Rainbow Lagoon in downtown Long Beach. luxury auto rental luxury auto rental Custom Soda Cans - Thanks to technological improvements, innovation, and long years of experience, manufacturing drinks is efficient and easily done. Creating a custom soda can for the United States market is a great way to take advantage of all this innovation and deliver a high quality product to the world's largest drink market. Blues days Blues insurance Blues insurance Blues casino Blues casino Blues All Free Blues All Free Drink Formulation - Balancing all the perfect flavors and sensations creating paradise on the palate is drink formulation. Sensory criteria the drink taste, the smell and the beverages look appeal. Blues fun Blues best rated Blues best rated Blues casino Blues casino Blues casinos Blues casinos Blues all Blues all Blues luxury auto Blues luxury auto Blues las-vegas Blues las-vegas Manufacturer Drinks - Coordinating with a Manufacturer Drinks plant to process and bottle the product is not an easy task. Whether to choose a contract beverage manufacturer or filler will depend on a host of factors beginning with location. Blues luxury cars Blues rental cars Blues rental cars Blues Louisiana Blues Louisiana Blues luxury Blues luxury Blues luxury Blues luxury Blues rental Blues rental Blues LV Blues LV Blues Memphis Blues Memphis Blues reviews Blues reviews Blues poker Blues poker Blues limo Blues limo Blues dating Blues dating Blues players Blues players Blues network Blues network Blues parts Blues parts Drinks Manufacturer - Drinks Manufacturer in the U.S. is the most efficient in the world. Due to its enormous scale, American drink manufacturers are well equipped to produce the highest quality beverages at the highest speeds and lowest costs. Beverage manufacturing has a long history.Blues Canada Blues crane Blues crane Blues poker Blues poker Blues poker rules Blues poker rules Blues poker Blues poker Blues Healer Blues Healer Blues lawyer Blues lawyer Blues lawyers Blues lawyers Blues acne products Blues acne products Blues festivals Blues festivals Blues modeling Blues modeling Blues lawyers Blues lawyers Blues artist Blues artist Blues boogie Blues boogie Blues blues Blues blues