Michigan Blues Festivals

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Michigan Blues Festivals
Michigan blues festivals from the Blues Fest Review. A few of the blues festivals in Michigan include Blues by the Bay in the Tawases East Tawas Michigan Boogie Woogie & Blues Festival Farmington Hills Michigan Coldstock Blues Bash DETROIT Michigan Cowpie Blues Festival Grand Rapids Michigan Eaton Rapids Blues Festival Jackson Michigan Rapids Blues Festival Jackson MI Field of Dreams Outdoor Music Fest Empire Hills Michigan Frankenmuth Blues Bash Frankenmuth Michigan
Alpena Blues Festival Alpena, MI reviews 989-354-8265 www.alpenablues.com
Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival Ann Arbor, MI reviews a2.blues.jazzfest.org
Blissfest Music Festival Petoskey, MI reviews 231-348-7047 www.blissfest.org/index.html
Blues by the Bay in the Tawases East Tawas, MI reviews 877-362-3636 www.BluesByTheBayTawas.com
Boogie Woogie & Blues Festival Farmington Hills, MI reviews 248-478-2525 www.amrf.net
Coldstock Blues Bash DETROIT, MI reviews 248-398-6877 www.nocover.net/
Cowpie Blues Festival Grand Rapids, MI reviews 616-430-4588 www.cowpiebluesfestival.com
Eaton Rapids Blues Festival Jackson, MI reviews
Eaton Rapids Blues Festival Jackson, MI reviews 517-796-9368
Field of Dreams Outdoor Music Fest Empire Hills, MI reviews empirehomesandland.com
Frankenmuth Blues Bash Frankenmuth, MI reviews www.frankenmuthfestivals.com/
Heatstock Blues Festival DETROIT, MI reviews 248-398-6877 www.nocover.net/
Hot Blues and BBQ Oxford, MI reviews 248-249-5287 www.hotbluesandbbq.com/
Jackson Blues Festival Jackson, MI reviews
Kalamazoo Blues Festival Kalamazoo, MI reviews 269-381-6514 www.kvba.org
Maple City Festival Jackson, MI reviews 517-796-9368
Marquette Area Blues Fest Marquette, MI reviews 906-226-7658 www.marquetteareabluessociety.com
Michigan Blues Festival Smith's Creek, MI reviews 313-499-1919 www.smithscreekbluesfestival.com/
Old Town Bluesfest Lansing, MI reviews 517-371-4600 www.oldtownarts.org

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Wyoming Blues Festivals International Websites Links Search Live Blues Contact Press USA-Blues Canada-Blues www.blues-fest.com Large Volume Breast Augmentation Michigan Blues Music

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Blues Music

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