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Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival Red Bank, NJ reviews 732-933-8585
Red White & A Little Blues Monterey, CA reviews 831-655-8070
Red White & Blue Festival Pleasanton, CA reviews 707-647-3962
Red White & Blues Festival Asheville, NC reviews 800-543-2961
Red Wine and Blues Festival Tuckerton, NJ reviews 609-296-8868
Red, White & Blues Festival Marietta, OH reviews 740-374-6206
Red, White & Blues Festival Fredonia, NY reviews Susan-Mackay 716 672-6758 or Rick Davis at 716 244
Reel Blues Fest Hyannis, MA reviews 508-495-3456
Rendezvous Blues Festival Oroville, WA reviews 866-872-8997
Reno-Tahoe Blues Fest Reno, NV reviews 775-857-3378
Rhythm & Booms Madison, WI reviews
Rhythm & Brews Festival Vacaville, CA reviews 888-BLUESIN
Rhythm & Ribs Jazz and Blues Festival Kansas City, MO reviews 816-474-8463
Rhythm & Roots Charlestown, RI reviews 888-855-6940
Rhythm and Blues by the Brook Plainsville, NJ reviews 908-527-4900
Rhythm and Blues fest Jackson, CA reviews
Ric Strome Memorial Blues Rumble Charleston, SC reviews 843-762-9125
Richton Park's Blues & Bones Festival Richton Park, IL reviews 708-481-8950
Ritzville Blues Festival Ritzville, WA reviews 509-659-1936
River City Blues Festival Marietta, OH reviews 740-373-6640
River Walk Blues and Music Festival Ft. Lauderdale, FL reviews 954-523-1776
Riverbend Festival Chattanooga, TN reviews 423-756-2212
Riverfront Blues Festival Wilmington, DE reviews
Riverfront Blues Festival Wilmington, DE reviews 302-376-6298
Riverfront Blues Festival Fort Smith, AR reviews 479-783-6353
Riverfront Jazz & Blues Festival Lafayette, IN reviews 765-742-8241
Riverhawk Music Festival Dade City, FL reviews 863-984-8445
Riverhead Blues Festival Riverhead, NY reviews 631-727-0048
Riverside Blues Music & Arts Festival Murphysboro, IL reviews 618-559-0579
Rock Cut Blues Orient, WA reviews 509-738-2350
Rock n Blues BBQ Jasper, FL reviews 386-792-1777
Rock n' Blues by the Lake Novato, CA reviews 415-883-7896
Rock n' Cure Blues Festival Los Angeles, CA reviews 310-423-3657
Rock n Ribs BBQ Festival Springfield, MO reviews 877-430-7427
Rock the Range Music Festival Chisholm, MN reviews 612-823-2101
Rockin Beaumont Blues Festival Beaumont, TX reviews 866-585-2787
Rogue Valley Blues Festival Ashland, OR reviews 541-535-3562
Rollin' on the River Blues Fest Keokuk, IA reviews 800-383-1219
Roots Ramble Media, PA reviews 610-566-5039
Rosedale Blues and Heritage Festival Rosedale, MD reviews 662-759-3841
Round Barn Blues Kirksville, MO reviews 660-665-2760
Royal Scandinavian Inn Blues Festival annual Solvang, CA reviews 800/624-5572
Rural Heritage Festival & the 20th Depot Days Lisle, IL reviews 630-968-0499
Russian River Blues Festival Guerneville, CA reviews 510-655-9471
Rynfest Blues & Funk Festival Keene, NH reviews 603-357-4740
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In jazz and blues, blue notes are notes sung or played at a lower pitch than those of the major scale for expressive purposes. Typically the alteration is a semitone or less, but this varies among performers. Country blues, in particular, features wide variations from the tonic but still with the blue-note feeling. R PDF free R USA Blues R PDF R Free
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