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Fall Wine & Blues Festival Hannibal, MO reviews
Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues Festival Minneapolis, MN reviews 952-294-1299
Famous Daves BBQ and Blues Festival Minneapolis, MN reviews (952) 294-1299
Fargo Blues Festival Fargo, ND reviews 866-55-BLUES
Fargo Winter Blues Fest Fargo, ND reviews 218-287-7775
FatBack Blues Festival Ft. Myers Beach, FL reviews 239-218-6064
Festival Del Mar Del Mar, CA reviews
Festival for the Eno Durham, NC reviews 919-477-4549
Festival of Blues Hemingbough, LA reviews 225-262-2589
Festivals Acadiens Lafayette, LA reviews 800-346-1958
Festivals Acadiens Lafayette, LA reviews 800-346-1958
Field of Dreams Outdoor Music Fest Empire Hills, MI reviews
Finger Lakes Wine Festival, The Watkins Glen, NY reviews 866-461-7223
Fire on the Mountain-Sonora Blues Festival Sonora, CA reviews 209-533-3473
First World Guitar Congress Baltimore, MD reviews 410-704-3451
Flatland Blues Fest Russell, KS reviews 785-483-3742
Fleet BluesFest Albany, NY reviews 877-659-4377
Foodstock Blues Festival Fairbands, AK reviews 907-488-3279
Fort Lauderdale Blues Festival Fort Lauderdale, FL reviews
Fort Lauderdale Cajun/Zydeco Crawfish Festival Fort Lauderdale, FL reviews 866-352-3378
Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Festival Fort Smith, AR reviews 479-783-6353
Four Mounds Blues Fest Dubuque, IA reviews 563-557-7292
Fox Valley Blues Festival Kaukauna, WI reviews
Frankenmuth Blues Bash Frankenmuth, MI reviews
Frederick Blues Festival Frederick, MD reviews 301-524-5301
Freedom Blues Festival Tallahassee, FL reviews 850-668-5863
Freedom Creek Blues Festival Aliceville, AL reviews 205-554-1795
French Quarter Festival New Orleans, LA reviews 504-522-5730
Fritz & Franz Bierhaus BluesFest Coral Gables, FL reviews
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Origins of the blues

Little is known about the exact origins of the music we now know as the blues.[ No specific year can be cited as the origin of the blues, largely because the style evolved over a long period of time and existed in something approaching its modern form before the term blues was introduced, before the style was thoroughly documented. One important early reference to something closely resembling the blues comes from 1901, when an archaeologist in Mississippi described the songs of black workers which had lyrical themes and technical elements in common with the blues. The most important direct antecedent of the blues was the spiritual, a form of religious song with its roots in the camp meetings of the Great Awakening of the early 19th century. Spirituals were a passionate song form, that "convey(ed) to listeners the same feeling of rootlessness and misery" as the blues.Spirituals, however, were less specifically concerning the performer, instead about the general loneliness of mankind, and were more figurative than direct in their lyrics. Despite these differences, the two forms are similar enough that they can not be easily separated � many spirituals would probably have been called blues had that word been in wide use at the time. wiki Origins of the blues F PDF free F USA Blues F PDF F Free
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